Fisher (US)

Martin A. Fisher of Spring Hill, Florida received a patent for a three-cylinder horizontally-opposed engine (SA8/96). His patent is applicable to a two-stroke or four-stroke cycle, gasoline or diesel, air- or liquid-cooled, overhead-valve or L-head engine. The single cylinder on one side of the centerline has twice the displacement of each of the two cylinders on the other side. A three-throw crankshaft is used and the large single cylinder connects to the middle throw between the front and rear throws. This concept was developed to avoid the fluctuating torque (about a vertical axis perpendicular to the horizontal plane of the crankshaft center line) inherent in a two-cylinder horizontally-opposed engine with the opposing pistons staggered. Thus, this patent tried to accomplish the same effect as the forked connecting rods of Anzani with two unstaggered opposing pistons, as utilized also by Cleone and Hexadyne engines. Fisher built a proof-of-concept engine, which used off-the shelf components, and was described (with a photograph) in SA8/96. During 1996, Fisher was seeking companies to develop and market the engines based on this patent. Nothing further has been found about this patent.


Updated 1/8/05