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ECi TITAN engine kits are built by Engine Components, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas. The TITAN name for its engines has been copyrighted by ECi. The firm has been providing FAA-approved maintenance service and parts for piston aircraft engines since 1943. ECi has developed and manufactures kits of their engines for uncertificated, homebuilt aircraft (KP10/02, 4/03, 8/03, 4/05, 7/05). The engines are based on the Lycoming O-320 and O-360 series. The TITAN kits can be built by several piston-engine service companies authorized by ECi, as well as by individual homebuilders. ECi has also developed the ECi Cold Air Induction System and a mechanical ECi fuel-injection system that is an alternative to the Lycoming factory system (KP9/05). The initial kits by the company (still available) permitted build up of TITAN experimental engines with ECi-built FAA-approved parts. More recently, the firm has introduced TITAN EXP kits, which incorporate some of the ECi products for improved performance. The kits available under the TITAN EXP program are the OX-320, OX-360, and IOX-360. Details about their products and services, including their authorized TITAN kit building firms, can be found on the ECi Website.

ECi announced their development of the TITAN EXP OX-340S & IOX-340S "Stroker" uncertificated, experimental engines at the 2006 Sun 'n Fun Show (KP7/06, 8/06; SA 6/06). These engines are based on ECi components built for the parallel-valve TITAN EXP OX-320 engine, but have an increased stroke and other detailed improvements. The engines, which have the same external linear dimensions and weight of the OX-320, are described below.

ECi has worked in conjunction with CubCrafters, the well-known manufacturer of complete aircraft and kits based on the original Piper J-3 Cub and PA-18 Super Cub. Together (SA6/09, 7/09; SP7/09), they have developed and obtained Special Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) conformation under the ASTM regulations for the manufacture and sale of the CubCrafters Super SportCub with a CubCrafters CC340 engine, a version of the ECi Titan OX-340S "Stroker" below; see the CubCrafters page in this compilation and the CubCrafters Website.

O-340 -- {5.125 / 4.125 / 340.4} / {130.2 / 104.8 / 5578}

4cyl; TITAN EXP OX-340S "Stroker"; 177hp@2700rpm; 2005-present; Wt = 277#; LSA ASTM conformation for the CC340 version.
This TITAN kit version has increased stroke and an increased compression ratio with carburetion and ECi venturi valve seats to achieve modern parallel-valve EXP XO-360 performance. This development is similar to what Lycoming did in 1954 to increase early Lycoming O-320 performance by the similarly-increased stroke of their Lycoming O-340, see Lycoming Part 1. The CubCrafters CC340 is a version of this engine.
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4cyl; TITAN EXP IOX-340S "Stroker"; 185hp@2700rpm; 2005-present; Wt = 280#; TC = none.
This TITAN kit version has the features of the EXP OX-340, but with the adddition of the ECi Cold Air Induction System and the ECi mechanical fuel-injection system to achieve modern parallel-valve IOX-360 performance. Note that Lycoming never developed a fuel-injected version of the O-340.
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