E.N.M.A., Elizalde (Spain)

Empresa Nacional de Motores de Aviacion S.A. (E.N.M.A.), of Barcelona, Spain, took over the Elizalde firm on 1/1/52. Elizalde had been established in 1910 and manufactured automobiles until 1925. From that year, they concentrated on building aircraft engines, beginning with license production of the French Lorraine firm's designs. Elizalde, and subsequently E.N.M.A., built several types of aircraft engines of their own designs from the 1940s through the 1960s. The only HOAE built by either firm is the E.N.M.A. engine described here.

O-210 -- {4.134 / 3.937 / 211.4} / {105 / 100 / 3464}

4cyl; Flecha F-IV-1, 4.(2L)-00-93 official designation; 93hp@2600rpm; 1953-1964; Wt = 220#.
J53-54toJ64-65; S (but with erroneous bore and stroke); W54toW66-67.
Applications: (Spain) AISA I-11B.


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