Dirk, Loch Laird (Australia)

Dirk engines were built by Loch Laird Engineering, Pty., Ltd. of Padstow, NSW, Australia. Little is known about the firm except for this two-cylinder HOAE for ultralight aircraft..

O-31 -- {2.752 / 2.626 / 31.2} / {69.9 / 66.7 / 512}

2cyl; Dirk 2-500a; 36hp@5100rpm, 41@6400 (TO); 1981-1983; Wt = 43#.
Dual magneto ignition, with a turbocharger option; direct drive or reduction by planetary gear to customer's choice of ratio. Please note that the bore and stroke dimensions listed by Brinks appear to have been reversed. The bore and stroke presented here give a displacement of 512cc, close to the displacement that BGP and Brinks quote, namely 514cc. The turbocharger, built by Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan, raised the power to 57hp@N/Arpm.
BGP; Brinks.
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