Deicke (Germany)

Arthur Deicke of Munich, Germany developed the two-stroke cycle Deicke engine below for very light aircraft. An article in Aeroplane Monthly magazine for 9/04 describes the restoration that is underway on the Deicke ADM.11 aircraft. Included in this illustrated article is mention that Deicke built engines similar to the one below with from 12hp to 24 hp. Deicke ADM.11 [D-YHEX] has a 22hp engine (see also K&N). A photograph of the engine accompanies the article, but no further details on the engine(s) are given.

O-46 (2-Stroke) -- {3.071 / 3.071 / 45.5} / {78 / 78 / 745}

2cyl; ADM-7; 18hp@2600rpm, 22@3300 (TO); 1934-1937; Wt = 62#.
Single-ignition engine.
Ae39; AM9/04 (application); K&N.
Applications: (Germany) Deicke ADM.11 [D-YHEX] (under restoration).


Updated 8/18/04