Continental, Teledyne Continental Motors, TCM (US);
Rolls-Royce (UK)

Part 2: O-315 through OL-1430

This is the second part of the Continental engine compilation. It includes the engines with larger displacement, namely from the O-315 through the OL-1430. Again all families of Continental horizontally-opposed aircraft engines are listed in the table of Continental Engine Families. This table gives a compact reference to their chronological and technical development. The Continental introductory material is contained in the first part of the Continental compilation and includes a Table of Equivalence between Continental designations and this Website's designations. The Continental engines of smaller displacement from the O-110 (A-40) through the OL-300 (Voyager 300) are given in the first part and can be reached here.

The TCM Website is very comprehensive and provides specification sheets for all engine models in their current inventory at the TCM Home Page. The Engine Specification Sheets can be found from their Home Page by clicking on "Visitor Services" under the "Customer Center" heading. From there, you can click on "Engine Spec Sheets" and then scroll through the engine models to find the desired information. All models listed on the Website are indicated below as being in current production.

O-315 -- {5.00 / 4.00 / 314.2} / {127.0 / 101.6 / 5148}

Same bore and stroke as O-470.
Same stroke as O-346, O-520.
Built for the military only. These may have been used as Ground Power Units (GPU), as discussed in AY51.

4cyl; O-315; 150hp@2600rpm; 1952-1959; Wt = 263#; TC = none.
AY51,52; J53-54toJ58-59; W52toW53.
Applications: None found.

4cyl; GO-315; 175hp@3200rpm; 1956-1959; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
Geared to 0.688.
Applications: None found.

O-346 -- {5.25 / 4.00 / 346.4} / {133.4 / 101.6 / 5676}

Same bore and stroke as O-520.
Same bore as O-368, OL-370, O-550, OL-550.
Same stroke as O-315, O-470.

4cyl; IO-346; 165hp@2700rpm; 1962-1972; Wt = 270#; TC = 3CE on 7/27/62.
J64-65toJ71-72; W66-67toW70.
Applications: (Belgium) Stampe et Renard SV-4D. (France) Centre Est Jodel DR.300; Reims/Cotelle JC-10 Scolair. (Germany) SIAT (Siebel) 223. (UK) Thruxton Gadfly E.S.102 (later Gadfly HDW.1) gyroplanes. (US) Beech A23 Musketeer II, A23A.

O-360 -- {4.4375 / 3.875 / 359.6} / {112.7 / 98.4 / 5892}

Same bore and stroke as O-240.
Same stroke as O-200, O-300.

6cyl; IO-360; 195hp@2600rpm-210@2800; 1962-present; Wt = 294-320#; TC = 1CE on 5/15/62.
J67-68to present; KMM; W66-67toW70.
Applications: (Australia) Victa Aircruiser. (Brazil) Neiva Lanciero (civil follow-on to Regente). (Canada) de Havilland DHC-1 "Cheekee Chipmunk" [CF-CYT-X]. (France) Jodel HR-100-210; Reims (license-built Cessna) FR-172; Robin HR.100/210 Safari. (India) Hindustan (HAL) HAOP-27 Krishak. (New Zealand) Pacific Aerospace (formerly NZ Aerospace, AESL, Victa) Airtrainer CT/4. (Turkey) THvK KIBM Mari Isik 78-XA, B agplane. (UK) Beagle B.242 [G-ASTX] twin; Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander twin prototype; Cierva Rotorcraft LTH-1 twin [G-AWRP, G-AXFM]. (US) Burns BA-42 twin [N4604S]; Cessna R172E through R172K (except R172I) Skyhawks, T-41-B, -C, -D, and Hawk XP, 336 Skymaster, 337, 337A through H, O-2A, O-2B Super Skymaster; Cirrus Design SR20; Lancair ES; Lockheed YO-3A Q-Star. Maule M-4, M-5-210C; United Consultants Twin Bee (tractor twin-engine conversion of Republic Seabee); Van's Aircraft RV-10.

6cyl; TSIO-, LTSIO-360; 200hp@2575rpm-225@2800; 1966-present; Wt = 297-359#; TC = 9CE on 10/11/66.
J67-68to present; W70.
Applications: (Brazil) Neiva EMB-810 (license-built Piper Seneca II). (France) Reims (license-built Cessna) FTB-337G. (Pakistan) PAC Mushshaq (license-built SAAB Supporter). (Poland) PZL Mielec M-20 Mewa (license-built Piper Seneca II). (UK) Cierva Rotorcraft LTH-1 twin. (US) Cessna T337B through H, T377H-SP Turbo Skymaster, P337H Pressurized Skymaster; Mooney M20K Encore (231, 252), M20TX-1; Piper PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow III, PA-28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV, PA-28-201T Turbo Dakota, PA-34-200T Seneca II, PA-34-220T Seneca III, IV,V.


This designation was used in the initial publicity about the Tiara series. The 46 engines built, tested, and publicized were, apparently, versions of the six-cylinder O-405 Tiara.

O-368 -- {5.25 / 4.25 / 368.0} / {133.4 / 108.0 / 6030}

Same bore and stroke as OL-370, O-550, OL-550.
Same bore as O-346, O-520.
Same stroke as O-526.
Rolls-Royce took the lead under the 1960-1980 agreement for the development of this engine. [The compiler conjectures that it was developed to compete in the European market against the Lycoming O-360 as a big, four-cylinder engine of 180hp.]

4cyl; IO-368; 180hp@2700rpm; 1979-1982; Wt = 300#; TC = none.
J80-81toJ82-83; S.
Applications: None found.

OL-370 -- {5.25 / 4.25 / 368.0} / {133.4 / 108.0 / 6030}

Same bore and stroke as O-368, O-550, OL-550.
Same bore as O-346, O-520.
Same stroke as O-526.
One of the liquid-cooled & fuel-injected (IOL) Voyager series of engines; it was based on the O-368.

4cyl; Voyager 370, IOL-370; 190hp@2700rpm; 1990-1991; Wt = 280#; TC = none.
BGP; J90-91.
Applications: None found.

4cyl; TSIOL-370; 225hp@2700rpm; 1990-1991; Wt = 314#; TC = none.
BGP; J90-91.
Applications: None found.

Continental-Honda OL-370 -- {N/A / N/A / 370} / {N/A / N/A / 6063}

4cyl; Continental-Honda Prototype; 225hp@2700rpm; 2002-present; Wt = 280#; TC = none.
Prototype engine with a blend of traditional Continental design features and modern Honda engine technology; twin overhead camshafts, 4 valves per cylinder, liquid-cooled, full authority digital engine control (FADEC), direct-drive engine that runs on 93 octane unleaded auto fuel (information from KP1/04).
FM6/03; J04-05to present; KP1/04; SA4/03, 9/03, 6/04.
Applications: None found.

O-405 -- { 4.875 / 3.625 / 406.0} / {123.8 / 92.1 / 6652}

Same bore and stroke as O-270, O-540 Tiaras.
These were the six-cylinder Tiara versions that were, apparently, originally designated O-366.

6cyl; 6-260; 260hp@4000rpm; 1969-1975; Wt = 354#; TC = 11CE on 9/8/69.
Fuel-injected and geared to 0.5.
J72-73toJ74-75; S; W70.
Applications: (US) Beech 18 testbed, Debonair.

6cyl; T6-260; 260hp@4000rpm; 1969-1975; Wt = 402#; TC = none.
Fuel-injected, turbocharged, and geared to 0.5.
J70-71toJ74-75; S; W70.
Applications: (US) Beech 18 Testbed.

6cyl; 6-285; 285hp@4000rpm; 1969-1977; Wt = 375-382#; TC = 12CE on 9/8/69.
Fuel-injected and geared to 0.5.
J70-71toJ77-78; S; W70.
Applications: (France) Robin HR 100/285 Tiara. (US) Cessna 206, 310; Mooney M20G Statesman; Piper PA-28 Cherokee Arrow, PA-36-285 Pawnee Brave 285; Spencer S-12-E Air Car amphibian.

6cyl; T6-285; 285hp@4000rpm; 1969-1973; Wt = 402#; TC = none.
Fuel-injected, turbocharged, and geared to 0.5..
J70-71toJ72-73; S; W70.
Applications: None found.

6cyl; 6-320; 300hp@4000rpm; 1969-1977; Wt = 382#; TC = 1SO on 5/27/75.
Fuel-injected and geared to 0.5.
J70-71toJ77-78; S; W70.
Applications: (Canada) Trident TR-1 Trigull (prototypes) [CF-TRI-X, C-GATE-X]. (France) Robin HR 100/4+2.

6cyl; T6-320; 300hp@4000rpm; 1969-1977; Wt = 440#; TC = 2SO on 7/2/75.
Fuel-injected, turbocharged, and geared to 0.5.
J70-71toJ76-77; S; W70.
Applications: (US) Beech 18 Testbed.

O-470 -- {5.00 / 4.00 / 471.2} / {127.0 / 101.6 / 7722}

Same bore and stroke as O-315.
Same stroke as O-346, O-520.
Developed initially for the U.S. Army Air Force during WW II.
Separate E-185, E-225, and E-260 designations dropped by c.1964. Some versions of the O-470 are listed on the TCM Website as indicated below, despite not being listed in the referenced literature since about 1970.

6cyl; E-165; 165hp@2050rpm; 1944-1953; Wt = 344-351#; TC = 246 in c.1947.
J47toJ52-53; S; W46toW51.
Applications: (France) Boisavia B-602 Mercurey. (US) AeroFlight Streak 165 (AFA-3); Beech 35 Bonanza prototype, Fulton FA-2 Airphibian flying auto; Luscombe 11A Sedan; Piper PA-6 Sedan.

6cyl; E-185; 185hp@2300rpm; 1947-1957; Wt = 343-352#; TC = 246 in c.1947.
AY51,52,60; J48toJ56-57; W46toW55.
Applications: (Argentina) AVI HF2/185 agricultural and utility. (Brazil) Casmuniz 52 twin. (Italy) Macchi MB-320 twin. (Netherlands) Fokker F-25 Promoter. (UK) Auster C.6 Atlantic. (US) Beech 35, A35 through F35 Bonanza, 45 Mentor (prototype); Goodyear GA-22 Drake [NX 5515M]; Luscombe 11A Sedan; NAA/Ryan Navion, Navion A.

6cyl; E-225; 225hp@2650rpm; 1950-1966; Wt = 347-363#; TC = 267 on 7/12/50.
AY51,52,60; FEW; J50-51toJ56-57; W51toW66-67.
Applications: (Brazil) I.P.D. Beija-Flor BF-1 helicopter. (US) AeroFlight Streak 225 (AFA-4); Beech F35 & G35 Bonanza; Fletcher FL-23, FD-25; Goodyear GA-22A Drake [NX/NC 5516M]; NAA/Ryan Navion, Navion A, B; Texas A&M Ag-1 (initial version).

6cyl; XO-470-3, -5, -9; 267-275hp@3200rpm; 1947-1953; Wt = 471-502#; TC = none.
Military versions for vertical operation in helicopters.
AMC; J53-53toJ53-54; W47toW54.
Applications: (US) Bell Model 54 (XH-15, H-15); Camair 480 Twin Navion.

6cyl; O-470-7; 205hp@3200rpm; 1947-1955; Wt = 338#; TC = none.
Military versions similar to E-185.
AMC; J47toJ55-56; W47toW56.
Applications: (US) NAA/Ryan Navion (L-17A, B, C).

6cyl; O-470-11, -15; 190hp@2300rpm; 1950-1965; Wt = 391-405#; TC = 269 on 1/19/51.
Military versions only; both versions have Takeoff power of 213@2600 (which is the familiar quoted rating for the L-19, O-1 series).
AY60; J51-52toJ64-65; W51toW70.
Applications: (Chile) Fanaero Chincol. (US) Cessna 305 (L-19A, D through E, OE-1, O-1A, B, D through G) Bird Dog.

6cyl; O-470-13, -4; 225hp@2600rpm; 1950-1965; Wt = 391-405#; TC = 269 on 1/19/51.
Military versions only.
AY60; J51-52toJ64-65; W51toW70.
Applications: (US) Beech 45 Mentor (YT-34, T-34A & B); Temco 33 Plebe.

6cyl; O-470; 225-240hp@2600rpm; 1951-present; Wt = 378-495#; TC = 273 on 12/4/52.
Civilian versions only of O-470 series.
AY60; J51-52toJ67-68; W51toW70.
Applications: (Australia) Kingsford Smith Auster J/5G Super Autocar [VH-ADY]. (France) S.U.C. 11-G Supercourlis. (Germany) Dornier Do 27 Q3. (India) Hindustan (HAL) HAOP-27 Krishak. (Indonesia) Akasamitra ST-220; LIPNUR PZL-104 Gelatik (license-built Wilga). (Italy) Nardi FN-333 Riviera amphibian. (Japan) Fuji LM-1 Nikko. (Poland) PZL-104 Wilga C, CD, CP, CR, CS. (UK) Auster B.8 Agricola. (US) Cessna 180, 180A through 180K, 182, 182A through 182R Skylanes, 188 AgWagon, 310, 310A, 310B (U-3A); Fletcher FU-24; Meyers 200; Northern (formerly Bellanca) 14-19, 14-19-2 Cruisemasters; Ryan Navion A, D; Taylorcraft 20 Ranch Wagon, 20AG Topper.

6cyl; IO-, LIO-470; 240@2400rpm-260@2625; 1957-present; Wt = 400-475#; TC = 273 & TC = 3E1 on 10/14/58.
IO-470-A, -C are under TC = 273; IO-470-D and higher (alphabetically) models are under TC = 3E1.
AY60; J52-53toJ77-78; W59-60toW70.
Applications: (Argentina) DINFIA IA-53 agplane. (Australia) Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster 250R. (Brazil) CONAL W-151. (Indonesia) Nurtanio NU-260. (Italy) Aer Lualdi L.59 helicopter; Nardi FN-333 Riviera amphibian, FN-333W Riviera seaplane; Procair F.15C Picchio. (Italy-US) Aermacchi-Lockheed AL60-1, AL60-B1. (Japan) Shin Meiwa (de Havilland Heron re-engined as) SM/DH 114-TAW. (New Zealand) Air Parts (N.Z.) Fletcher FU-24 agplane. (UK) Beagle A.115 (AOP Mk.11), B.206X [G-ARRM] twin. (US) Beech 33 Debonair, 95-55, 95-A55, 95-B55, 95-B55A & 95-B55B (T-42A) Baron; Cessna 185, 185A through 185E Skywagons, 188, 188A, 188B AgWagons, 210, 210A through 210C, 210-5 (205), 210-5A (205A), 310, 310C through 310Q, E310H, E310J, 310J-1 (U-3B); Meyers 200A through 200C; Ryan Navion A, E, F, G Rangemaster.

6cyl; SO-470; 280-300hp@N/Arpm; 1953-1954; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
Applications: (US) Custer CCW-5 Channel Wing.

6cyl; GSO-470; 300hp@N/Arpm; 1953-1957; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
Geared to 0.69; otherwise like SO-470.
FEW; W53toW57.
Applications: (US) Texas A&M Ag-1 (later version).

6cyl; FSO-470; 260hp@3000rpm; 1955-1957; Wt = 533# (incl. fan); TC = 281 on 2/2/55.
This had a cooling fan for horizontal application to helicopters.
AY51,52; J52-53toJ56-57; W53toW57.
Applications: (US) Cessna CH-1 (YH-41, NH-41 Seneca).

6cyl; O-470-2 Military; 250hp@2600rpm; 1955-1957; Wt = 484#; TC = 281 on 2/2/55.
Supercharged, geared to N/A version otherwise similar to civilian O-470-K; may also have been known earlier as GE-260 for its take-off power.
AY60; J52-53toJ57-58; W53toW56.
Applications: (US) Cessna 321 (OE-2, O-1C).

6cyl; TSIO-470; 260hp@2600rpm; 1960-1981; Wt = 427#; TC = 3E3 on 9/9/60.
J60-61toJ77-78; W62-63toW70.
Applications: (Italy) Aermacchi-Aerfer AM-3. (Italy-US) Aermacchi-Lockheed AL60-2, AL60-B2. (US) Cessna 320 Skyknight.

6cyl; GIO-470; 310hp@3200rpm; 1962-1971; Wt = 461#; TC = 2CE on 4/30/62.
Geared to 0.75.
Built under license agreement by Rolls Royce, see W62-63.
J62-63toJ71-72; W62-63toW70.
Applications: (Italy-US) Aermacchi-Lockheed AL60-B3. (New Zealand) Air Parts (N.Z.) Fletcher FU-24 agplane. (UK) Beagle B.206Y [G-ARXM], B.206Z1, Z2 [XS742, XS743], B.206C, B.206R (Basset CC.1) twins.

O-520 -- {5. 25 / 4.00 / 519.5} / {133.4 / 101.6 / 8513}

Same bore and stroke as O-346.
Same bore as O-550.
Same stroke as O-315, O-470.
Lightweight versions have been in production since 1981.

6cyl; IO-, LIO-520; 250hp@2500rpm-285@2700, 300@2850 (TO); 1963-present; Wt = 419-478#; TC = 5CE on 5/28/63.
J64-65to present; W66-67toW70.
Applications: (Australia) Transavia P.L.12, PL-12U, PL-12 MIL Airtruk; Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster 285, YA-5 Fieldmaster (YA-1 with tricycle gear). (Colombia) Aviones de Colombia/Cessna AgTrainer (licensed side-by-side AgTruck conversion). (Italy) Aviamilano (formerly General Avia, Italair) F.20 Pegaso twin [I-GEAA]; Procair F.15E Picchio. (New Zealand) Air Parts (N.Z.) Fletcher FU-24A agplane. (US) Aero Commander (Meyers) 200D; Beech 95-C55, 95-C55A, D55, D55A, E55, E55A, 58 & 58A Baron, F33A, V35B & A36 Bonanza; Cessna A185E, A185F SkyWagons (U-17), A188, A188A, A188B AgWagons & AgTrucks, 206, U206 & 207 Stationairs, 210D through 210R Centurions, 310R; Colemill Executive 600 (Cessna 310F through 310Q), President 600 (Beech 55 Baron); Navion A, B, D through H; Spencer S-12-E AirCar; Windecker Eagle I.

6cyl; GTSIO-520; 340hp@3200rpm-435@3400; 1964-present; Wt = 482-557#; TC = 7CE on 7/24/64.
Some geared to 0.667; others to 0.75.
J60-61to present; W66-67toW70.
Applications: (Italy) Aermacchi-Aerfer AM3 (prototype). (UK) Beagle B.206S twin; Shorts SC.7 Skyvan Series 1 prototype. (US) Avia Bellanca 19-25 Skyrocket II; Cessna T310P through T310R, 404 Titan, 411 & 411A, 421 & 421A through 421C Golden Eagle; Rockwell Commander 685.

6cyl; TSIO-, LTSIO-520; 250hp@2400rpm-325@2700; 1964-present; Wt = 450-470#; TC = 8CE on 11/13/64.
J67-68to present; W66-67toW70.
Applications: (UK) Britten-Norman BN-2 development. (US) Beech 58P & 58PA Pressurized Baron, 58TC & 58TCA Turbocharged Baron, V35BTC & B36TC Bonanzas; Cessna T188C AgHusky, TU206 & TU207 Stationairs, T210F through T210R Turbo Centurions, P210N & P210R Pressurized Centurions, T303 Crusader, 310, 340, 401, 401A & 401B, 402 & 402A through 402C, 414 & 414A Chancellor.

6cyl; GIO-520; 285hp@2700rpm; 1966-1967; Wt = 515#; TC = none.
Geared to N/A.
Applications: (US) Beech PD-249 (improved D33 Bonanza for USAF).

O-526 -- {5.125 / 4.25 / 526.0} / {130.2 / 108.0 / 8620}

Same stroke as O-368, OL-370, O-550, OL-550.

6cyl; FSO-526; 270hp@3000rpm; 1957-1965; Wt = 542-552#; TC = 292 on 6/11/57.
This had a cooling fan for horizontal application to helicopters.
AY60; J57-58toJ64-65; S; W59-60toW62-63.
Applications: (US) Cessna CH-1B.

6cyl; GSO-526; 300hp@3000rpm; 1957-1965; Wt = 556#; TC = 303 on 6/12/58.
Geared to 0.688.
AY60; J57-58toJ64-65; S; W55toW59-60.
Applications: (US) Cessna 620.

6cyl; GO-526; 310hp@3100rpm; 1959-1960; Wt = 462#; TC = none.
Geared to 0.688.
AY60; W59-60.
Applications: None found.

O-540 -- { 4.875 / 3.625 / 541.3} / {123.8 / 92.1 / 8870}

Same bore and stroke as O-270, O-405 Tiaras.
These were the eight-cylinder Tiara versions.

8cyl; 8-380; 380hp@N/Arpm; 1970-1973; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
Fuel-injected and geared to 0.5.
J70-71toJ71-72; S; W70.
Applications: None found.

8cyl; T8-450; 450hp@4500rpm; 1970-1973; Wt = 513# TC = none.
Fuel-injected, turbocharged, and geared to 0.5.
J70-71toJ72-73; S; W70.
Applications: (US) Beech 18 testbed.

O-550 -- {5.25 / 4.25 / 552.0} / {133.4 / 108.0 / 9046}

Same bore and stroke as O-368, OL-370, OL-550.
Same bore as O-346, O-520.
Same stroke as O-526.

Barrett Precision Engines, in 2005, began offering assembled versions of the TSIO-550 engine as the Barrett TSIO-550-X. These engines are not certificated and may be used only for homebuilt and other experimental aircraft.

6cyl; IO-550; 280hp@2500rpm-310@2700; 1983-present; Wt = 422-451#; TC = 3SO on 10/13/83.
J84-85to present.
Applications: (US) Aircraft Design Stallion; Beech G58 Baron, A36 Bonanza; Cirrus Design SR22; Colemill Foxstar Baron (55 or 58), Starfire Bonanza (various); Columbia 300, 350; Lancair Super ES; Mooney M20R Ovation, Ovation 2, 2GX & 3, M20S Eagle & Eagle 2.

6cyl; IOF-550; 300-310hp@2700rpm; 2002-present; Wt = 447-463#; TC = 3SO on 2/4/02.
Version of IO-550 with Full Authority Digital Engine Engine Control (FADEC) - second Continental engine after IOF-240 to receive TC with FADEC.
Aerosance Website and FAA Website.
Applications: None found.

6cyl; TSIO-550; 310-360hp@2700rpm; 1984-present; Wt = 498#; TC = 5SO c.1987
J93-94to present.
This version of IO-550 has twin turbochargers.
Applications: (US) Adam Aircraft A500 twin; Aircraft Design Stallion; Columbia 400; Lancair IV, IVP; Mooney Acclaim.

6cyl; GIO-550; 350hp@3400rpm; 1994-1995; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
Geared to 0.667.
J94-95 (for 2-38A).
Applications: (US) Schweizer 2-38A (RU-38A Twin Condor).

OL-550 -- {5.25 / 4.25 / 552.0} / {133.4 / 108.0 / 9046}

Same bore and stroke as O-368, OL-370, O-550.
Same bore as O-346, O-520.
Same stroke as O-526.
One of the liquid-cooled & fuel-injected (IOL) Voyager series of engines; it is based on the O-550.

6cyl; Voyager 550; TSIOL-550; 325-350hp@2700rpm; 1990-present; Wt = 438-583#; TC = 4SO c.1987.
BGP; J90-91to present.
Applications: (Germany) Grob GF 200 pusher [D-EFKH].

6cyl; Voyager T-550; 300hp@2500rpm; 1990-1996; Wt = 450#; TC = none.
BGP; J91-92toJ95-96.
Applications: (US) TCM retrofit to Beech A36 & B36TC Bonanza; Helio Courier 700.

6cyl; Voyager GT-550; 400hp@N/Arpm; 1990-present; Wt = 550#; TC = none.
Geared to N/A.
BGP; J91-92to present.
Applications: (US) TCM retrofit to Piper Navajo Chieftain.

OL-1430 -- {5.5 / 5.0 / 1425.5} / {139.7 / 127.0 / 23,359}

The US Army at McCook Field (later at Wright Field) began cylinder research in 1929 under the direction of S.D. Heron and others. By 1931, a twelve cylinder, V-12 liquid-cooled engine with {4.625 / 5.0 / 1008.0} had been designed. In 1934, the US Army increased the cylinder size to 1425 cu. in. for a V-12; this was redesigned further into the OL-1430 and tested in 1938. The motivation for a high-power HOAE was the promise shown for low-drag, in-wing installation, but this soon was seen as impractical (see, also, the Lycoming OL-1230). Later, the OL-1430 was redesigned into the Continental IV-1430, which was an inverted V-12. The development of the OL-1430 has been discussed in the book by Schlaifer and Heron (S&H). Specific references can be found on pp. 21-23, 26, 75, 80, 82, 268-273, 288-289, 294-295, and 297-302.

12cyl; O-1430-1; 1150hp@3150rpm; 1938-1941; Wt = 1300#; TC = none.
Supercharged and geared to 0.455 or 0.556.; AMC; BGE; BGP; S&H.
Applications: None found.

12cyl; XO-1430-3; 1500hp@3150rpm; 1938-1941; Wt = 1600#; TC = none.
Supercharged and geared to 0.336.; AMC; BGE; BGP; S&H.
Applications: None found.

Continental: Part 1 (to OL-300)


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