Carr Precision (US)

Carr engines are built from stock Volkswagen auto engines into two-cylinder horizontally-opposed 1/2 VW aircraft engines by conversions developed by Carr Precision Industries of Portland, Oregon. Dave Carr built these conversions beginning in 1974 and used both cut-down crankcases and full crankcases. Carr received EAA awards for his innovations with this engine and sold plans. Three early applications of these 1/2 VW engines are listed below and the Carr Precision Website still has photographs of these aircraft and both full-crankcase and cut-crankcase engines. Carr Precision sold all rights for the plans to Great Plains Aircraft Supply Co., Inc. of Boys Town, Nebraska in 2001. Great Plains continues to sell the plans and conversion parts. Carr Precision still is busy converting smaller engines for various applications, including motorized bicycles and model aircraft.

O-63 - - {3.622 / 3.071 / 63.3} / {92 / 78 / 1037}

2cyl; Carr Twin; 35hp@3400rpm; 1974-2001; Wt = 87#.
VW Type 1; Carbureted engine with single ignition.
KP4/02; SA1/75, 10/75.
Applications: (US) Long Longster; Pietenpol Air Camper; Van's Aircraft RV-5.



Updated 8/9/05