CanPower (Canada)

CanPower engines are designed and manufactured by CanPower Aviation of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The firm began development of this HOAE in 1999 and introduced it on 4/30/02. The engine is a completely new development with computer analysis used in the design and CNC technology used for manufacture. Most of the following information is from the CanPower Website, which was last updated in June 2003. CanPower is also the eastern Canada distributor for ElectroAir ignition systems of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Information about the ignition systems, which are completely electronic, can be found on the CanPower Website or the ElectroAir Website.

O-200 -- {4.316 / 3.440 / 201.3} / {109.6 / 87.4 / 3299}

4cyl; XS200; 130hp@N/A rpm; 2002-present; Wt = 185#.
Air-cooled engine with associated ducting; standard single Bing carburetor (with optional dual Bing carburetors or fuel injection). Dual-ignition is by an ElectroAir ignition system, which is completely electronic with a coil for each opposed pair of cylinders and fully-adjustable timing. The "waste spark system", which fires both opposing plugs on the combustion stroke of each cylinder, is used.
CanPower Website; SA6/02.
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