Brownback, Light (US)

Brownback engines were designed by Brownback Motor Laboratories of New York City and Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The laboratories were organized by H. L. Brownback in about 1927 as described in Aerosphere for 1939 (Ae39). Brownback worked cooperatively with Anzani (France) from about 1927 to 1929 in engineering development and as the United States distributor for the large range of Anzani engines. Anzani was purchased by Henri Potez (France) in 1929. In 1930, Brownback sold the manufacturing rights for the Brownback Tiger 100, a two-row, six-cylinder radial (TC = 33, dated 11/16/29) to the Light Manufacturing and Foundry Co. of Pottstown. The Light organization dated from 1894 and produced bicycles, aluminum castings from 1902, and automobile engines and transmissions from 1907. During WW I, Light manufactured parts for the Curtiss OX-5 and Liberty engines. It is not known how many Tiger 100s were built, but Light ceased operations and was liquidated in 1931. Among several experimental engines designed by Brownback is the two-stroke cycle HOAE Tiger Junior 50 described below.

O-155 (2-Stroke) -- {3.75 / 3.5 / 154.6} / {95.3 / 88.9 / 2534}

4cyl; Brownback Tiger Junior 50; 50hp@1600rpm (prop rotational speed); 1930-1931; Wt = 135#; TC = none.
Dual-ignition, geared (to N/A) engine. (under Light in Powerplants entry); Ae39; S.
Applications: None found.


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