Avia (Czechoslovakia)

Avia was the trade name for the Akciova Spolecnost Pro Prumsyl Letecky of Prague-Letnany, Czechoslovakia. They produced both Avia aircraft and engines for many years. The Avia firm took over the aircraft engine activities of the Skoda Works of Plzen during 1930. Their principal engine products were radials, Vees, Ws, and inverted inlines. Their only HOAE was designed by Major Kozeluh and is described here.

O-92 -- {2.953 / 3.346 / 91.7} / {75 / 85 / 1502}

4cyl; Avia DFTr1.5; 45hp@3000rpm; 1932; Wt = 110-119#.
Single-ignition engine geared to 0.5 with the propeller driven from the camshaft; designed by Major Kozeluh.
Applications: None found.


Updated 4/13/04