Armstrong-Siddeley (UK)

Armstrong-Siddeley Motors, Ltd, of Coventry, United Kingdom was an important manufacturer of piston aircraft engines, mostly radials. The firm was originally the Siddeley-Deasy Motor Car Company, Ltd. and began building aircraft engines during WWI. The engine below is their only HOAE.

O-195 -- {5.000 / 5.000 / 196.4} / {127 / 127 / 3218}

2cyl; Ounce; 45hp@1600rpm, 50@1800 (TO); 1919-1922; Wt = 170#.
Dual-ignition engine.
Ae39; AJJ1; JMB.
Applications: (UK) Bristol Type 30 Babe (fitted, but not flown); Royal Aircraft Establishment AT monoplane (radio-controlled aircraft).


Updated 5/3/04