Anzani (France)

Alesandro Anzani of Courbevoie, France was an established motorcycle engine manufacturer when he began to develop aircraft engines in 1908. He achieved success early when Louis Blériot used one of his engines to cross the English Channel in 1909. Anzani engines were air-cooled and of various configurations; Vees, fan types, radials, and the one HOAE described here. Anzani engines were used world wide and were produced under license in Italy and the UK. Anzani discontinued engine manufacture in 1929 and sold the factory to Potez.

O-85 -- {3.543 / 4.331 / 85.4} / {90 / 110 / 1400}

2cyl; Anzani-Brownback; 18hp@N/A rpm, 24hp@1800rpm (TO); 1927-1928; Wt = 75#.
Dual-ignition engine.
Developed in conjunction with US engine developer H. L. Brownback, who also marketed Anzani engines in the US. Engine apparently ran only experimentally, but is noted in Herschel Smith's book (S) for having the cylinder centerlines directly opposite each other. Anzani overcame the vibration problem that Lawrance encountered with this configuration by using a three-throw crankshaft. One piston had an ordinary connecting rod attached to the middle throw, while the other piston had either a forked connecting rod or two separate rods attached to the fore and aft throws. This provided space for the ordinary rod of the first piston between the two tines or two rods. In this manner the engine became a true "boxer" configuration and avoided having both pistons moving in the same direction simultaneously.
Ae39; S.
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