America's Aircraft Engines, Eagle IV-EX (US)

America's Aircraft Engines, Inc. of Tulsa and Collinsville, Oklahoma rebuilds certificated Lycoming O-320 and O-360 series engines with FAA- aproved parts under the Eagle I, II, or III designations. The firm also has been building, since 2002, Lycoming-type engines as the Eagle IV-EX engine series for uncertificated, homebuilt experimental aircraft (KP11/02, 12/02, 4/05). Models presently available are OX-320, IOX-320, OX-340S, IOX-340S, OX-360 and IOX-360 series engines for either fixed-pitch or constant-speeed propellers. Their engines are custom assembled for the homebuilder from ECi Titan components. Details of the engines can be found on the America's Aircraft Engines Website.


Updated 7/30/09