Agusta (Italy)

Societa Costruzione Aeronautiche Giovanni Agusta was founded in 1907 and operated until 1943 building aircraft. After WWII and Count Agusta's death, Countess Agusta and their sons Domenico, Vincenzo, Mario, and Corrado Agusta founded Meccanica Verghera Agusta at Verghere, Gallarate, Italy in 1945. The initial production of MV Agusta was motorcycles, for which they are well known and continue to build. Additionally, during the 1950s and 1960s, the firm built light-aircraft engines designed by M. Ginnini. These were marketed as Agusta engines and are described below. In 1952, the firm acquired a license to build Bell Model 47 helicopters. From that start, Agusta has become a major helicopter design and manufacturing company. In a merger in February 2001, Agusta joined with Westland (UK) to form the international helicopter company Agusta Westland.

O-91 -- {3.937 / 3.740 / 91.1} / {100 / 95 / 1492}

2cyl; G.A. 40; 42hp@2700rpm; 1957-1969; Wt = 86-123#.
Dual ignition.
J57-58toJ68-69; S; W56toW59-60.
Applications: (Australia) Corby Starlet. (France) Jodel D.9 Bébé. (Italy) Motorized gliders for Italian Air Force; (UK) Phoenix (earlier Luton) L.A.4a Minor.

O-140 -- {3.622 / 3.406 / 140.4} / {92 / 86.5 / 2300}

4cyl; G.A. 70/0, G.A. 70V; 72hp@3100rpm, 86@3500 (TO); 1957-1969; Wt = 150-176#.
Dual ignition; G.A. 70/0 is for fixed-wing applications, direct drive or geared to N/A; G.A. 70V is for helicopter applications with vertical crankshaft and yields 82hp@3300rpm.
J57-58toJ68-69; S; W56toW59-60.
Applications: (Italy) Agusta A103 helicopter; de Bernardi Aeroscooter (earlier Partenavia; later RAAB-Flugzeugbau in Germany); (UK) Phoenix (earlier Luton) L.A.5a Major.

O-225 -- {4.500 / 3.500 / 222.7} / {114.3 / 88.9 / 3649}

4cyl; G.A. 140V; 138hp@3200rpm; 1962-1969; Wt = 256#.
Dual-ignition helicopter engine with vertical crankshaft.
J62-63toJ68-69; W62-63.
Applications: (Italy) Agusta A104 helicopter.


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