Aerosport-Rockwell (US)

Aerosport-Rockwell engines were developed through a cooperative effort between Aerosport and Rockwell International. This low-power ultralight HOAE was based on a Rockwell-designed, German-built JLO snowmobile engine. Aerosport, Inc., of Holly Springs, North Carolina, was founded by Harris L. Woods, who was an engineer in the aerospace industry as well as a homebuilt aircraft designer known for his Woody Pusher, Quail, Rail, and Scamp aircraft.

O-32 (2-Stroke) -- {2.953 / 2.362 / 32.4} / {75 / 60 / 530}

2cyl; Aerosport-Rockwell LB600/2; 38hp@5000rpm (single carburetor), 45@5500 (dual carburetor); 1972-1976; Wt = 56-57#; TC = none.
Single-ignition engine.
Applications: (France) Calvel Frelon (Hornet) powered glider. (US) Aerosport Rail twin-engined ultralight [N4334]; PDQ Aircraft Products PDQ-2; Thor Duster BJ-1B.


Updated 9/26/04