Aeronco, Prestwich, J.A.P. (UK)

Aeronautical Corporation of Great Britain, Ltd. (Aeronco) in Peterborough, Northants., UK was founded in 1936 through a merger of Aircraft Accessories Ltd., Lang Propellers Ltd., and Light Aircraft Ltd. Light Aircraft had already obtained a license from the US Aeronca firm to build Aeronca aircraft and engines. Aeronco contracted J. A. Prestwich & Company, Ltd. (J.A.P.) in London to build a dual-ignition version of the Aeronca E-113C engine under license as the Aeronca-J.A.P. J-99. This engine was used extensively in British light aircraft. For more details of the US Aeronca engines and applications, see the Aeronca entry on this Website.

O-113 -- {4.25 / 4.0 / 113.5} / {108.0 / 101.6 / 1860}

2cyl; J.A.P. J-99; 36hp@2400rpm, 40@2540 (TO); 1936-1940; Wt = 130#.
Dual-ignition engine.
Ae39toAe41; AJJ1, 2; AW.
Applications: (Belgium) Avions Fairey Junior, Tipsy Jr. [OO-ULA]. (UK) Aeronca 100; Britten-Norman BN-1F [G-ALZE]; Currie Wot 1 [G-AFCG], 2 [G-AFDS]; Hampshire Dart Kitten I [G-AERP], II [G-AEXT], III [G-AMJP]; Hants. & Sussex Herald [G-ALYA]; Heath Parasol [G-AJCK]; Hillson Praga (licensed Czech Praga E.114); Phoenix (formerly Luton) L.A. 4a Minor [G-AFIR, G-AGEP]; Pickering-Pearson KP.2 [G-ACMR]; Slingsby T.29B Motor Tutor powered glider [G-AKEY, G-AKJD]; Taylor J.T.1 Monoplane [G-APRT].


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