Aeronca (US)

Aeronca engines were designed, assembled, and sold by the Aeronautical Corporation of America (Aeronca). Aeronca began operations in 1928 and is best known for its light aircraft. The company was located initially at Lunken Airport, Cincinnati, Ohio and later in Middletown, Ohio. The engines described below were designed and developed by Aeronca principally for use in their own aircraft, but were also marketed to other lightplane builders. Production of engine parts was carried out by the Govro-Nelson Company of Detroit, Michigan, but engine assembly and testing were done by Aeronca. In the UK, the engines were manufactured under license from 1936 to 1940 by J. A. Prestwich and Company, Ltd. of London for the Aeronautical Corporation of Great Britain, Ltd. (Aeronco). For more details of the UK Aeronco engines and applications, see the Aeronco entry on this Website. It should be noted that there are some apparent discrepancies among the listed sources of information on the Aeronca engines. The compiler's best judgment has been used. A useful book is H&H, while a good Website for both the O-113 engine family and the Aeronca K light airplane is the Aeronca K and Aeronca E-113 Engines Home Page.

O-107 - - {4.125 / 4.0 / 106.9} / {104.8 / 101.6 / 1752}

Same stroke as O-113

2cyl; E-107, -107A; 30hp@2500rpm; 1930-1931; Wt = 114#; TC = Group 2.
Single-ignition engine. (for Applications); Ae39; H&H; S; U&C.
Applications: (US) Aeronca C-2, PC-2; Brink B [12035]; Buhl LA Bullpup (prototype) [X8459]; Cessna EC-2 [403W]; Dalrymple Sport [16411]; Gee Bee Ascender [X757N]; Klinedorf Longster (modified) [15789]; Long-Ralston (later Long-Buswell) Wimpy [15516]; Ramsey Flying Bath Tub [10540].

O-113 - - {4.25 / 4.0 / 113.5} / {108.0 / 101.6 / 1860}

Same stroke as O-107

2cyl; E-113; 36hp@2400rpm; 1931; Wt = 113#; TC = 71 on 4/24/31.
Single-ignition engine; Warner Scarab cylinders used on new crankcase, crankshaft, etc.; exposed rocker arms with integral head and cylinder. (for Applications); Aeronca K and E-113 Website above; Ae39; H&H; S; Sky#71 (for Bendix-Spratt); U&C.
Applications: (US) Aeronca C-1 Cadet, C-2N, C-3 (PC-3); Atwood Duply Airmobile [X15318]; Bendix-Spratt B-S-1 [15752]; Gallatin A [X18237]; Heath V Parasol; Lanier LVF (XL-5) [X12865]; Muessig P-2 [12758]; Stewart B [17622]; Termite Aircraft Termite [N7939A]; Tucker Le Petit Cygne [N1295V]; Williams W [18986].

2cyl; E-113A, B, C; 36hp@2400rpm-40@2540; 1931-1938; Wt = 121#; TC - see below.
Single-ignition engine; as E-113, but with new, original cylinder design. The A model was not produced until the E-113 inventory was gone.
A - Covered rocker boxes, removable head; TC = 71 on 6/17/31.
B - As A except bearings and oil filter; TC = 71 on 9/23/35.
C - As A & B, except bearings, no oil filter; TC = 71 on 3/26/37.
Aeronca K and E-113 Website above; Ae39; H&H; S; Sky#71 (for Bunting).
Applications: (US) Aeronca C-1 Cadet, C-2N, C-3; Curtiss-Wright Technical Institute Bunting [X259Y]; Welch OW-6M .

2cyl; E-113CD, CBD, CB; 40-45hp@2500rpm; 1938-1941; Wt = 130#; TC = 71 on 1/22/38.
CD - As C, but with dual ignition.
CBD - As CD, except cam differences.
CB - As CBD, but with single ignition; Wt = 124#.
Ae39; H&H; Aeronca K and E-113 Website above.
Applications: (US) Aeronca K; Rohr MR-1 Guppy.


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