AeroMax Aviation (US)

AeroMax Aviation, LLC of Valdosta, Georgia is operated by Saul (Solly) Melyon, formerly of Pulsar homebuilt aircraft, and Bill Clapp, a longtime auto restorer, A&P mechanic, and KR2S aircraft homebuilder. The firm uses their own remanufactured and restored Corvair parts to build Corvair O-165 engines for homebuilt, experimental aircraft use as the AeroMax 100 and 100IFB. The 100IFB conversion includes the addition of a proprietary fifth crankshaft bearing, which they have named the "Integrated Front Bearing" ("IFB"), for which a patent is pending. This bearing is added to avoid the crankshaft fracture problems encountered on some Corvair versions used for light aircraft; see the discussion for the Corvair O-190 on the Corvair Webpage in this compilation. The firm also offers kits for homebuilders to build their own 100 or 100IFB with building instructions and access to factory help. AeroMax introduced their engines at the 2009 Sun'n'Fun aircraft show and had a display at the 2009 EAA AirVenture. The firm has under development their own LSA-compatible aircraft, the AeroMax Breeze, as well as Firewall-Forward installations for the Rand-Robinson KR2S, the Sonex, and the Zenith CH-601 and CH-750. More information can be found on the AeroMax Aviation Website.

O-165 - - {3.4375 / 2.937 / 163.5} / {87.3 / 74.6 / 2680}

6cyl; AeroMax 100IFB; 90hp@3000rpm, 100hp@3200 (TO); 2009-present; Wt = 210#.
Air-cooled, direct-drive engine with a partly redundant ignition system (all but dual plugs).
SA4/09-6/09 (classified ads); The AeroMax Aviation Website.
Applications: (US) AeroMax Aviation Breeze E-SLA (prototype under construction); Rand-Robinson KR2S [N41768]; Sonex [N7722]; Zenith 601, 750 (both under development).



Updated 10/15/09