AeroŠlcool (Brazil)

AeroŠlcool engines are Volkswagen conversions built by AeroŠlcool Tecnologia LTDA which is located at the Aeroporto Municipal de Franca in Franca, Brazil. The firm has developed an engine which can be run on locally-produced alcohol. It is not known to the compiler whether there is any relationship betweeen the firm and the previous Brazilian firm IMAER/Retimotor that had similar fuel objectives. Further information about the AeroŠlcool engine are given (in Portuguese) on the AeroŠlcool Website.

O-97 - - {3.366 / 2.717 / 96.7} / {85.5 / 69 / 1585}

4cyl; AA-1600; 56hp@N/A rpm; 2006-present; Wt = N/A.
Dual-ignition (one electronically-controlled magneto and one battery-powered) VW "1600cc" engine fueled by alcohol.
AeroŠlcool Website; J07-08.
Applications: (Brazil) Quasar Lite ultralight [PP-ACX].



Updated 10/4/07