AVA, Voilet (France); Gibbons (UK); Nihon Nainenki (Japan)

L'Agence Général des Moteurs AVA of Paris, France built a pair of two-stroke cycle HOAE in the late 1930s. The sponsor of the company was listed as Jean Aubry and the AVA engine designer was named Voilet. Aerosphere for 1939 (Ae39) also lists an earlier two-stroke designer named "Violet", but for the present purposes the compiler is assuming that they are one and the same person, namely Voilet. These two earlier Voilet engines are also listed here.

AVA granted a British license to the A. B. Gibbons concern of London, UK, presumably during the time (1935-1936) of British interest in the Mignet HM-14. It is not known if Gibbons built any engines. At about the same time Nihon Nainenki KK of Japan, acquired a license and built enough engines to power the aircraft described below under the O-66.

O-30 (2-Stroke) -- {2.559 / 2.953 / 30.4} / {65 / 75 / 498}

2cyl; Voilet; 6hp@2000rpm; 1925; Wt = N/A.
Little is known about this engine.
Applications: None found.

O-66 (2-Stroke) -- {2.756 / 2.756 / 65.8} / {70 / 70 / 1078}

Same stroke as O-86.

4cyl; AVA Type 4A-00; Semi (Cicada) [HA-90] 11 (Japanese production); 25hp@2250rpm, 28@2800 (TO); 1935-1943; Wt = 82#.
Dual-ignition engine.
Ae39toAe41; JBC; M&A; RJF.
Applications: (France) Farman F-450 Moustique; Jodel D.98 Bébé; Mignet HM-8 monoplane (avionette), HM-14 Pou du Ciel. (Japan) Nippon Hachi motor-glider [J-BBEA]; Yokosuka MXY4 (radio-controlled powered target drone), MXY6 (powered glider for proof-of-concept flight testing leading to the Kyushu J7W Shinden canard fighter). (Poland) ITS-8 motorglider; Scibor-Rylski SR-3. (UK) B.A.C. Drone [G-AFBZ]; Dart Kitten I [G-AERP], Pup [G-AELR].

O-86 (2-Stroke) -- {3.150 / 2.756 / 85.9} / {80 / 70 / 1407}

Same stroke as O-66.

4cyl; AVA Type 4A-02; 35hp@2250rpm, 40@2800 (TO); 1936-1940; Wt = 85#.
Dual-ignition engine.
Applications: None found.

OL-91 (2-Stroke) -- {2.953 / 3.308 / 90.6} / {75 / 84 / 1484}

4cyl; Voilet; N/Ahp@N/A rpm; 1925; Wt = N/A.
Liquid-cooled engine.
Applications: None found.


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