Rolls-Royce Conway

Construction Details

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Exploded View

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Air Intake And Front Bearing Housing
1. Fuel filter differential pressure switch   2. Ram pressure tapping for fuel control unit
3. Nose fairing (anti-iced)   4. Ram pressure tapping for altitude sensing unit
5. Intake guide vanes (anti-iced)   6. Air intake extension ring
7. Anti-icing air manifold (surrounding air intake casing and front bearing housing)   8. Stage 0 low pressure (LP) rotor blades
9. Rotor blade retaining pin   10. Stage 0 rotor retaining flange
11. Inlet guide vane anti-icing air outlet   12. Oil-cooled AC generator
13. Front bearing housing rear manifold air outlet   14. LP compressor shaft front section
15. LP compressor front bearing   16. Front and rear air seals
17. Anti-icing air supply pipe   18. Stage 0 stators
Low Pressure Compressor
19. Stage 1 compressor blades   20. Stage 1 stators
21. Interstage spacer ring   22. Interstage seal
23. LP compressor shaft   24. Stage I cooling air supply
25. Cooling air valve actuator   26. Constant speed drive unit
27. High pressure (HP) air supply to fuel heater   28. Front bearing sealing air transfer holes
29. Rotor wheel driving splines   30. LP sealing air bleed holes
31. Stage 3 cooling air bleed   32. Air sealCompressor Intermediate Casing
33. Rotor assembly retaining nut   34. LP compressor rear bearing
35. Oil feed to accessory drive shaft bearing   36. CSD gear train
37. Wheelcase oil jet   38. Left wheelcase driving gear
39. LP tachometer driving gear   40. LP cooling air transfer tube
41. Bearing oil jet and transfer tube   42. LP cooling air manifold
43. Internal wheelcase front panel   44. LP compressor outlet guide vanes
45. Engine cooling air inlet   46. Engine locating pillar and front slinging eye
47. By-pass duct entry   48. HP compressor intake guide vanes
49. Internal wheelcase rear panel   50. Air seal
51. HP compressor front bearing   52. Accessory driving gear on h.p. compressor shaft
53. Centrifugal breather drive   54. Left wheelcase and sump
55. Sump pressure filling connection   56. Sump oil level sight glass
High Pressure Compressor
57. HP compressor shaft (front section)   58. Cooling air flow divider tube
59. HP compressor shaft (rear section)   60. HP cooling air transfer holes
61. HP cooling air bleed holes   62. HP compressor outlet guide vanes
Compressor Outlet Casing
63. HP cooling air transfer manifold   64. Air seals
65. LP rotating assembly thrust bearing   66. LP cooling air transfer holes
67. Oil supply to turbine and thrust bearings   68. HP air supply to aircraft services
69. HP air tapping collector air manifold   70. HP rotating assembly thrust bearing
71. LP turbine shaft   72. HP turbine shaft
73. Air pressure balance pipe   74. HP cooling air outlet to by-pass duct
75. Thrust bearing housing vent   76. Main burner manifold
77. Primary burner manifold    
Combustion Casing
78. Flame tube snout   79. Burner head
80. HP turbine bearing oil return pipe   81. Intermediate casing - compressor outlet casing to nozzle box
82. Combustion chamber inner casing   83. HP turbine casing cooling air transfer holes
84. Interconnector   85. Flame tube
86. High-energy igniter plug   87. Flame tube bulkhead panel
88 LP cooling air outlet duct   89. HP turbine bearing
90. Turbine cooling air transfer manifold   91. Discharge nozzle
Turbine Section
92. Rear suspension link and slinging eye   93. LP cooling air outlet manifold
94. LP turbine rear bearing   95. Turbine cooling air transfer tube
96. Turbine cooling air transfer holes   97. LP turbine interstage seal
98. HP nozzle guide vanes (air cooled)   99. HP turbine blades (air cooled)
100. LP1 nozzle guide vanes   101. LP1 turbine blades
112. LP2 nozzle guide vanes   103. LP2 turbine blades
104. LP turbine rear bearing and thrust bearings oil feed    
Exhaust Unit
105. Inner cone   106. By-pass cooling air feed
107. Exhaust cone support strut   108. Jet pipe attachment ring
109. Outer cone    


Internal Details

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thrustbearings_small.jpg turbinecooling_small.jpg lubricationdiagram_small.jpg internalwheelcaselubricationdiagram_small.jpg leftexternalwheelcaselubricationdiagram_small.jpg
rightexternalwheelcaselubricationdiagram_small.jpg thrustbearinglubrication_small.jpg fuelcontrolunit_small.jpg electricalschematic_small.jpg starter_small.jpg

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